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Wow.I have recently done my vcg at 117k, also oil filter housing gasket.Bought 68s a few yrs ago too. How many kms? What colour? I had it at the dealer last year for tailight recall, the service writer told me that in 9 yrs only had 1 pulley changed for squealing in 06.I still have original battery.This car has been great, my first bimmer too.I hope yours works out as well. I have put parrot bluetooth in swapped airbag for multifunction one for radio and cruise. Homelink for garage door,38$ ebay trunk spoiler, aux for mp3, painted black grilles,and, front & rear sways. Maintainence wise I change my oil at 15000k using castrol 0w-30. I use Mahle filters,oil,air,fuel Napa sells them very inexpensive. You could prob. do brake flush, ps flush and fuel filter. fcabs, perhaps control arms, I will do that next year. Look at your cooling system, I would think about doing an overhaul expansion tank ,waterpump, thermostat , belts, pulleys, hoses. I have replaced my fcabs and my belts and pulleys, just for piece of mind. No issues with cooling system yet.I know it should be done soon.You can go to bimmerwiki for more info. Don't cheap out on parts use OEM, never go to paces like crappy tire etc. Basically just enjoy driving it, I know others might not think much of them ,who cares. Oh, as for winter driving tips, sorry I live in Vancity so no winter here.

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