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Originally Posted by E30Jack View Post
Is there only 1 version of IE3 spring? Cause you say to lower the front a little but ie3 drops 2" in the front. Since my wheels are 15 wrapped in 205/50 I have a smaller overall tire height than stock 14s...I'm thinking about 2" drop in the front or a 1.5"...leaning more towards 1.5 just incase of anything in the road...I can make a skid plate if I have to
Thanks, that was her about 8 years ago, still running the same suspension that's holding up nicely.

Only one version of IE3's. I have no idea what the stock height of an e30 is, most of them have aftermarket springs or worn out original ones. Therefor I can't really related to these measurements. From my experience the Eibach "pro-kit" are too low and soft so they bottom out and the grey H&R "OE Sport" don't drop enough. That's why I went with the IE3's (they are also Eibach but a custom spec.) but you could also try the H&R sport or super sport.
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