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Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
The kit looks decent, and very similar to design to the ST coilovers. Realistically though, these units are built down to a price. That price factors in the internal components of the strut/shock, and the steel itself. And that's where the definitive comparisons end.

The true test of these coilovers will be longevity, and that remains untold at this point in time. It would be great to update us as you rack up mileage with these coilovers.

Tell me, do you happen to have any rear end clunk at low speeds? (ie. parking lots)
It looks as if your rear springs are binding to some extent, though perhaps moreso towards the middle. My ST rear springs seem to have settled in a deformed manner, and have been producing a slight clunk since day 1. Curious for an honest evaluation here, I know more than a handful of people have had this issue.
I also noticed that they look as if they have binded but when you look closely theres still space between its just very close but I guess thats why they added rubber tubing on the spring in that area in case it were to hit I guess. I was also afraid of noise but nothing so far.

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