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Here's a shot of my car running the H&R coil over kit. Front is set to about half way on the adjustment, and the rear is close to lowest setting, but still has spring pads in, so I can drop easy another 1/4-1/2" with adjustment and removal of the pads.

As for camber, its pretty much even front and rear, but I have a lot of rear toe in, which is why I will be doing the adjustors and the sub frame riser this winter to correct that. As far as ride height goes, I haven't had an issue of getting in anywhere in Kitchener yet, speed bumps are fine.

Tires are 225/45/15's so smaller than the stock 14's. I still need to roll my fenders at some point, mainly in the rear so I can run my spacer again, as the rear rubs with them. My backspacing is 15x8" rims, front are +18 (+25 wheel, 7mm spacer) and just +25 in the rear (+10 when I run my rear spacer).

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