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Originally posted by 325_2nv
all you guys talking shit about Low_bmw I think you guys are jealous. I got a convertible and I think his is the sickest I have ever seen. BMW BMXer if your car looks like it does in the picture, like low_bmw said "keep it in the garage". Eurostyle if you can't make it up driveways buy an X5 a car is not for you.
HAHAHA **** bro, keep your mouth shut if you know were that car came from and how much of my sweat and blood and dishwashing went into that ride I would keep your comments to yourself. I didn't just show up one day with a modded car and ask for everyone do bow down. Both of you have attitudes that ain't gonna sit right around here man.

I never disrespected buddys car its just not the lowest. I am not jealous of his ride man get your shit straight.

Dropped e30, maybe you should attach ur lip better before its gone for good.
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