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So I've been sick the past couple days and since I was in bed most of these days I spent some time in my car putting in a couple things I picked up.

Installed a CD53 deck after talking to another e46 owner but he neglected to tell me I needed the antenna amplifier with the same frequency as my old antenna amp and a special wire so connect the antenna to the deck but oh well, main reason I wanted it was so I could keep the oem look but have AUX! You just need to order a aux wire for the cd53 off ebay or you can go to your local dealership ask em for the kit but I think 10 bucks for the cable is probably worth it.


Also got my hands a weighted illuminated shift knob, wired it in easiest tapping point is where the night light for the cigarette lighter is literally a 10 minute install if you know what you're doing.



Also got my hands on a new central locking switch didn't realise my old one was just cracked at the bottom and wasn't allowing the button to be properly pushed in, so I used super glue and duct tape to hold it all together, Yeah i know its a bmw but hey you can't see the repair, all you can see is that it works

Need to do my CCV soon, Need to polish and wax my car, Need to Get new rubber for my new wheels and I need to get my clutch replaced so much to do but only so much money and so much time. Hopefully get the CCV done for sunday.

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