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Please re-read Jon@Bimmersport's post. Specifically, the last paragraph.

I'm not doubting you got chips - some of the roads had more dirt/gravel. It's paint work - it can be fixed. While it's shitty, it happens. I can accept that reality.

The whole rant was about dipping into the shoulder and subsequently showering cars behind you with excessive clouds of dirt and stones; and not letting quicker cars pass which would have no detriment to your enjoyment of the day. :S
Originally Posted by matt123494 View Post
at the gas station i saw the chunk taken out of youre bumper i got a couple chips from the cruise but nothing too bad.
Lol yeah, sucks. A few hits were the size of a dime and straight to the metal/plastic. I was contemplating repainting it anyways, guess I'll definitely have to now.
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