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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
Well written post. Couldn't have said it better.

And I really wish more drivers would acknowledge letting others pass safely... Some did (Jon, Randy, John V., a few of the E90 M3s, others I can't remember right now), and props to them. Notice a pattern? It's the older/OG members and those with 'more to lose' (if you know what I mean) that understand. Hence my preference to drive with these guys - it's just safer and thus more fun knowing they won't a) dip into gravel b) do any stupid moves when ego takes over c) let you pass if they don't feel like going as quick (not that they couldn't).

A grey E90 M3 and I were recipients of some shoulder gravel on numerous occasions from the black E34. Hell, I got hit in the face/sunglasses with some small rocks that were kicked up and flew through my side windows. You can imagine what it did to my car's front end, lol. We tried to stay as far back as possible without holding up the pack - until it got ridiculous and both of us had to seize an opportunity to overtake.

Anyways. Where are all the camera guys?! So many people taking photos and so few have posted!

Huge thanks again to Jay for organizing everything. Can't wait for the next event.
Are you for real guys ? Do you think I didn’t get any stone chips on my car at the cruise? There were many opportunities to pass me and those who wanted overtook me. Sorry that did not clean the road in front of me ,all I can say.
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