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E46 328i wont start, stumped

Hey guys, looking for a bit of guidance here! Ive got a '99 328i 5 spd that won't start.

I've done some trouble shooting of my own, and am coming up short. Here is what is going on:

-Car does not crank at all

-fuel pump comes on when key is in on position (hear the hummm)

-all electronics in the car work otherwise

-***will bump start, run and drive no problem***

Here is what I've done/determined:

-battery is good, contacts and all grounds have been checked/cleaned

-starter replaced

-NO power coming to the signal wire (tested at starter with key in on and crank postion)

-starter cranks if jumped, so its not the starter

-clutch pedal switch (starter cut off switch with red top is clicking when clutch pedal is pressed, and power is getting to it, so I think its good)

- clutch pedal switch on opposite side of pedal (cruise control switch I believe- has blue top) is now broken from me trying to get at it to test it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you know anywhere to get one for cheap, BMW wants $120 for a measly switch so efffff that

-EWS/starter cut off relay is good

-ignition switch seems to be getting power and clicks when key is turned

-brought the key to the dealer, and determined it is fine. they stuck it in their reader and it communicated just fine


-When the key was stuck in their scanner at the dealer it read that the car has 265xxx km, but in actuality, it has 268xxx km from being bump started and driven around.

-This leads me to believe that the key isnt communicating with the EWS properly

-Im thinking maybe the EWS ring antenna?

-could bumping the car and driving several times have messed up the rolling codes between the DME and EWS?

Ive been messing with this thing in my spare time for the last couple of months and now that the nice weather is starting up, i wanna get this thing going ASAP!!!! If any of you have any input from past experience or superior knowledge of the vehicle, please chime in! Thanks
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