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Originally Posted by windwagen View Post
Aha!!! I see some dust on the rear bumper in one of those pix!!! For Shame!!!

That think looks just wicked dropped like that!
How does it feel? Ride? Any change in cornering grip or balance?
LOL, it was actually covered in a lot of dirt after a rainstorm in some of those pics at The Forks.

The suspension totally transformed the car's driving character. Gone is any slop or roll, and the roadholding is so far improved from stock that it's not even a fair comparison. Put it this way, when pushing it to the absolute limit, DSC would intervene frequently; now, I have yet to see it come on when pushing it VERY hard on twisties. Same tires, totally different result with the suspension and camber adjustment. Ride quality is noticeably firmer but not unpleasant in any way, not to me anyways.
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