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Vtec just kicked in
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any proper turbo car will have a killer flat the one e30kid posted. dats hawt as fawk.

anyways...making hp is mostly about $$$ at the end of the day. Its not really all that hard anymore..back in the day(like 10+ yrs ago) it actually took some skill and know how. There has been such a leap forward in that area in the last 10 yrs especially in the tuning world that really...its cake now. So many parts, so many new turbos, manifolds etc and lots of tuning options and tons of knowledge out there from others if you dont know yourself. Slap down some cash and go. If you want to diy there are so many resources available.
chasing power is a never ending fight..but its never been as easy as it is now. Ive chased it before ...still enjoy it and seeing some good builds but imo its boring.
so are these stupid arguments. hpf is more about fluff theres no denying that. Something like the maxpsi kit or e30kids diy(im pretty sure) proper done stuff are what I like to see.

anyways, maybe thats my justification for not dumping more money into my car. But id rather just worry about the experience at this point.

the oem hp wars makes it even more cray out there in terms of power and ease of availability . yawn.

give me a balanced car that sounds good and I can enjoy. Ill take it over 800 whp any day lol traction problems.
You can make almost anything have a reliable 500whp these days. so what?

if you want to see what your car can do take it out and measure it. If you built it yourself than you get some satisfaction in seeing what you built perform...if you bought your shit... well you can see what your money bought you(which is cool to i guess but a much different thing).
theres always someone faster out there.
Run your shit and have some fun.
What hp your car makes is not a reflection of you. They are a luxury we all enjoy.
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