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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
My 2 cents worth:

As you know,, innocent until proven guilty, so Rob Ford
is right be maintaining his silence, to some, it is a sign of guilt, and
I can understand that but I am in the camp that the onus is on The Star or Gawker
to produce the video to prove that Rob Ford is guilty and not for Ford to prove his innocence..

The media, talk show radio has the right to insinuate and question his silence
as Ford has something to hide, it is ok,, but Ford also has his right to stay silence beyond his "ridiculous" why harp on it everyday..

Eventually, I hope all this will be in the open when Ford is ready to speak or voters
not to vote Ford in again....
I think some unions are part of this as well. The only way to fulfll their agenda is to get rid of Ford. All those lazy socialist bums know the voters and taxpayers are on Ford's side even though he is knot an attractive lad.
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