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Originally Posted by Sickbimmer View Post
Why is the 1/4mile the benchmark?
Because the 1/4 mile is the only way to verify what the car is truly making.

Dynos are good for an inflated ego and great for a tuning tool, but track times will not lie. If you have an 800whp and are trapping 130mph, your car is obviously not making 800whp.

I can understand maybe the trap times to verify the power. Some people don't want to make a M3 a drag car. It's well known they make horrible track cars.
Oh please, that's just a BS excuse. EVERY car no matter what kind is capable of running down the 1/4 mile. I don't even get what you mean by "make it a drag car" no one is telling you to strip the interior, tub the rear end and put in some lexan windows. Just run the damn car like a man and see what happens.

60-130 sound like the new benchmark for cars, Takes driver error out of the equation and focuses on the cars power.
60-130 relies heavily on the cars TQ band and gearing. 1/4 mile is still king of measuring the cars actual power output.

Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
you guys are funny. fabios car is absolutely visceral on the street.

and about it being peaky on power (which s54 isn't, exactly?), car getting too hot @ 100%, who the **** cares. a stage 1 HPF car will smoke 99.9% of cars on the street running at 80%.
You know what's funny? HPF cars with their piggyback AEM ECU. Just because a stage 1 HPF car makes decent peak power doesn't mean it's running right. Compare the area under the curve between an HPF stage 1 car and the MaxPSI stage 1 cars. That is the difference.

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