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Hey all,

Thanks for the kind words.

I miss it dearly. I am currently driving a borrowed base Impreza with CVT until my 5 series arrives. This thing is brutal, and only makes me miss my beamer more and more.

With regards to the price, I was quoted $5000 two years ago from the stealership when it had about 120000 kms. I scoffed, and was glad I kept it. When it came time to decide on a price now, I received a quote for $3500 from the stealership. I was not at all pleased with this and obviously knew I'd get more privately. I would have been happy with $5000, and ended up I selling it for $6000 with little hassle. In any case, I sold it to a maxbimmer enthusiast, and I couldn't ask for more than it to go to somebody who will appreciate and take care of it. After doing some further research, I think I could have gotten a bit more for it. I think $7000 or more would have been fair. I posted it up on Autotrader as well and had an overwhelmingly good response at the $6500 price.

Could I have gotten more for it? Most definitely. However, I am pleased it will be going to this specific buyer and have few regrets. One regret is not parting the winter or summer wheels+tires separately, but hey, what's done is done.

Anyways, thanks again to maxbimmer for helping the WGN DRGN find a new home!
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