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So this week, I did a quick brake service, I plan on replacing rotors soon because I notice slight warpage, and possibly might up grade to Cross drilled or slotted rotors, we'll see in a few months.

So I finally installed my solo works which wasn't to bad of a job.

The Solo Werks Kit.

Installed in the fronts.

Installed in the rear, while taking the picture realised I forgot to install the bump stop on this side , so I went back and fixed it but neglected to take a photo.

Overall ride quality is actually good and solid for entry level coils. No squeaks and noises just be sure to install them correctly and you won't have a issue.

You can use the instruction manual on solo werks to help you along the way.

Next up my General Module went out on me, waiting on getting it repaired. Slight body work, full clean up and she'll be out on the road!

Sitting After Coilover Install

A wise mechanic once told me, "working on cars is like sex, you have to know where to touch and how to push."

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