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Originally Posted by Tom View Post
Lol exactly what Fabio is true, I can see when your comparing cars with a buddy try to keep it even with same psi/same fuel ect... But when your a random dude saying hpf cars are all dyno queens and want to run me, why would I dummy my car down for you for a "fair" race. My car will punish your car so hard that you will wish you never said hpf sucks. Again if you want to race with all you got, ill bring all I got too.

P.s. the station is Guelph closed down but there's a UPI in Ottawa that I got 6 drums from last year, also there's a guy registering a business for drum shipment to your door from the states, that should be up and running within the next month I am told.
You sound like another ultimate bench racer.

I think your build was very nice, but unless you have track numbers to back up your cars dyno numbers, it's just another dyno queen.

So this season, head up to Cayuga and run the car. If the numbers at the track match the dyno numbers no one will question you running your mouth.
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