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E90 ECU Hell!!!!

Recently I've been having no start issues with my E90 325i. The dealer has diagnosed it as a bad ecu/valvetronic eccentric sensor after replacing my MAF and Valvetronic Motor. The dealer is telling me that the Valvetronic Eccentric sensor leaked oil, pushed it all the way up the harness into the ecu and is causing a short in the system. I called bullshit on this so I brought the car home and took it all apart. Sure enough the sensor is wet with oil (Common enough Problem according to the web) Harness looks like oil traveled it and the ecu connector was soaked with oil. So the problem is verified but where I'm having questions is that the dealer is saying that I have to replace the sensor, harness and ECU. The cost is exorbant considering the value of the car. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it just wet oil causing the short in communication or is the ecu actually fried? If it's just wet I'm thinking I can just replace the sensor and clean the ecu saving a bunch of $$. Whether the harness needs to be replaced I'm not sure. The oil in it really isn't going away but I don't know whether it will cause a problem if the leak is stopped at the sensor. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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