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Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
I really enjoyed myself, perfect weather, gorgeous scenery, and a good crowd. The lakeside supercars that passed us was a nice and unexpected surprise.

There's always one person. This year it was you.

I had a lengthy paragraph written out, but you seriously need to just PAY ATTENTION while driving. Jerking the steering wheel at double the speed limit on a winding road, drifting into oncoming traffic, and panic braking are all ridiculous things I and at least 3 other people witnessed in the short time while following or directly ahead of you.

DSC and sheer luck are the only two things that kept your 323 from sliding into the ditch during your encounter with oncoming traffic. You are NOT invincible behind the wheel.
Edit: holy shit. Looks like things got interesting, as always. Unfortunately I didn't witness said events. Lol.
Originally Posted by Portista View Post
I was pulled over after we left Mcdonalds for speeding but the OPP was a cool guy and let me off the hook with just a warning.

Awesome drive!!
INCREDIBLE route! I was not so lucky with the Durham Police at McDs - got it on video, though. LOL!

Meh. No biggie. I had a 25min gap to close. Good times, S62 FTW!
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