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Thank you to all who came on the NorCal drive down to Bimmerfest. I hope you had a great time driving down.

If you willing to share your images and video’s the link below has instructions how to upload them to the EuroSunday server. You can upload the image and videos without editing if you like and I will process them into albums for you. Please just make sure to add your name so I can give you credit. I will post the link to where the images are in a week once I have hopefully received a few of your images.

For those of you who enjoyed the “back road” part of the trip and wish to explore more back roads with fellow enthusiast. Feel free to sign up at and add yourself to the drives list. I put of drives for those who are not afraid to use their cars for what they are designed for.

Thank you all again and I hope see you on a drive soon I hope.


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