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Originally Posted by matryx View Post
I'm looking to change all my fluids in my 2007 BMW 328i with a manual transmission.

I called my BMW Maranellow dealership the other day to get prices from all the fluids to change in my 2007 328i 6MT. I wanted to see if I should pick the fluids up at ECStuning since I'm heading to Niagara Falls next Saturday to pick up my rims, car parts, and detailing stuff.
They told me for my manual and differential fluid I would have to look at the casing to know exactly which fluid to use and also with the power steering fluid.

Since I'm planning to use Redline or Royal Purple I was wondering if it would be ok to use them instead? I'm thinking of ordering all the fluids at ESCtuning unless someone knows of another place with better prices in the States.

Fluids I'm looking to purchase:

-Power Steering
I'm not prepared to offer a recomendation regarding other fluid changes but do know that I buy Liqui Moly Longtime Time High tech engine oil for $27.95 (5L) at A&A auto Parts in Hamilton. That is less expensive than the same from ECS. They also have some Royal Purple products at very good prices. Might be worth a phone call.
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