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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
Sort of ironic, isn't it? BMW spends millions on R&D to ensure their cars (especially Ms) can run at 10/10ths for hours on end. Then enthusiasts buy them and modify them so they can no longer take a real flogging for more than a few minutes.

Not saying it's wrong, just interesting.
well it would be if that actually was the case. The truth is they dont spend millions in r&d to do that and most stock cars cannot run at 10/10ths for hours on end.

though , will a stock engine generally have less heat/issues to worry about compared to a an aftermarket boosted engine?Generally yes.

But stock cars(engines included) are not without their short comings. They are street cars after all and bmw isnt one of the most profitable companies going because they chose not to save pennies...they actually save a lot in various areas.
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