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Originally Posted by Steve30 View Post
Are you ready for yours?? haha that silver civic is ready... I'm going to be wiring up the red one soon so that one will be on the hunt soon.
Hah i've been roaming the gta doing some shakedown driving the past two wks, having too much fun on my base tune I'll probably seriously dial it in come fall time on the dyno after I come back from vacay. Nice crispy boost weather then too. Make sure their cars stay in one piece till then

Just my 0.02 guys there are obviously a few guys in this thread with fast cars...lets remember that 99.9% (I think unless you are an owner of a crazy UGR lambo) there IS somebody out there faster and with deeper pockets that you so lets all be humble, have fun this season and enjoy our turboz/pooperchargers/nawz/magical corn jizz/raze fuels etc.

A local bmw F/I GTG would be the shizznit!
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