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lol...this thread is entertaining.

Tyron, Tom may not have built his car himself (which doesn't make it any faster, or better from anything but a personal perspective) but I can guarantee you it will feed it to a lot of cars on these streets.

As far as the cast vs billet manifolds, doing it yourself in your driveway is one thing...try to design this type of kit, have a payroll, pay your contracted work (in which MaxPSI is a JOINT project between maxPSI and technique tuning. Nick g is and always has been CONTRACTED by ICS/George and now MaxPSI), achieve your financial goals (because there is not one business owner on the planet that does his business so every customer is satisfied and they take the bus home) and keep the costs down for customers. You are talking a generally priced kit, there are OPTIONS when purchasing that can be paid for. It seems as if they had a bunch of BS all the time so there are sometimes reasons for cutting those costs, if there is not much sacrifice.

You don't sound so old yourself bringing up ICS (unless you know George personally?)/someone else's car into this dick measuring debate anyways.

I'm not trying to knock ya...but it seems as if you know a lot about cars/tuning/doing your since you are tuning your own car...what E46 M3 you know makes more than 700whp on pump - no meth, no race gas, no E85. If you have ever worked on these cars, you will know the factory fuel system just cannot keep up. Dual pumps, bigger -AN lines, whatever you will not RELIABILY keep up, and thats where meth comes in, but why run meth when there is E85 at pumps for cheaper than 91/93??? That's where business mentality comes in. E85 isn't's going to be the future of tuning.

I beleive those HPF motors blew for a few reasons, one reason they implimented the knock siren is because the AEM unit does not have knock sensitivity to cut back on timing or pump down a map. What happens running a pump+meth map with contaminated fuel during repeated 60mph-130mph runs?

Take it how you least I can say my information comes from questions and knowledge attained from in person discussion with these business owners and tuners.

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