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Thanks for the responses guys!

Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Your pictures are also upside down!
But it looks fine from my computer

Originally Posted by matryx View Post
Like what damameke said drop it a bit lower and with some spacers will make it look even better.

Just wondering how's the ride quality compared to stock?
I may have the front down another half inch, only problem may be getting over that ridge at the end of the driveway. I think the rubber bits are scraping already.

Ride quality is much better than stock xDrive IMO. xDrive suspension is floaty and there's quite a bit of travel given that it's taller than a standard RWD. Ride is closer to the sport suspension but maybe a tad stiffer. Handling feels more controllable and response is better, most likely due to the stiffness (cornering is also improved). On the average road it's not a sacrifice of comfort compared to stock. Over bumps the dampening definitely responds better, I always found stock to be very harsh and slow to return over bumps. No weird noises or grinds, clearance is good, and I can throw a hard corner pretty confidently.

Now for the alignment!

Originally Posted by P7X View Post
Looks good man!

Equal gap around the wheel looks the best IMO
Thanks! Yea, don't really want to have it tucked.
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