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Originally Posted by petevw View Post
Really? Explain.

When I make deals; houses/condos/car parts etc.... I pay what is agreed upon. If I'm closing on a house, and I tell my lawyer hold back 15k because I know they need the sale to move into there new house, that's ok?

If we meet for some parts and you list for $500, I show up and bargain down to $450, and the. Reach into my ATM/pocket and pull out $400 and say that's all I got, that's cool?

I guess I'm on a different wavelength than most.

As for what happened, I would take the cost of replacing the part that "could possibly/maybe need replacing" in the next year or 2, to make the deal happen. But it didn't play out that way.

Remember, the car is being sold etested and safetied.

Haha, pete you misunderstand - I'd have done the same as you: if, at close, he pulled out a cheque for less than what we'd agreed upon I'd have told him to hit the road and moved on. Trying to pull something like that at the last second is one of those things that I have absolutely no time for.

You either conduct yourself with integrity or you don't - in this case he didn't and you did.

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