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Originally Posted by ///tyron View Post
Lol Even if I could get e85 for a one time use I would never run it, as I never designed my fuel system/motor around e85, just because its so unavailable to me. If it was local to me and I could get it with no problems then hell yea I'd be running e85!
Your sort of sounding like the guys in your sig. If your calling out someone then it's run what you brung. What next? No race gas, no meth, no E85, no summer tires, only use odd gears......... The reason this came to be is that people were saying HPF is all smoke and mirrors and dyno queens. They were built to have these options. Feel free to put race gas/meth or E85 if you race. If your car doesn't gain from that why should someone else have to be punished for building a car that does. Same goes for NOS. if I build my car to run it why wouldn't I use it?

Just my 2 cents. Drive responsibly guys.
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