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Originally Posted by Steve30 View Post
HPF's cars were all dyno queens. Their full out drag car wasnt even impressive. At the end of the day #'s sell so that's what they focused on.

HPF just rammed down their marketing bs down the throats of the bmw community. Heres a vid to prove it. This is the worst form of marketing i've ever seen, and they're pretty much lying to their customers by saying the cast manifold is going to outflow the billet steedspeed.

"We're going to change the kits manifold to a shittier less efficient design, and have someone who knows nothing about forced induction, let alone barely knows how to breathe "try" and explain wtf is going on."

Also too many hands in the soup which spoiled it. They contracted all their process's. i.e tunning, motors being built etc At least with radowskis kit everything is done in house by 1 guy!

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