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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
I understand the description, hence my question, only when one recovers from a critical illness within the insured period then you get the money, so during the insured period and if you do not have any critical illness, you get nothing?
Correct, that is pretty clear, it is critical illness insurance, if you did not become ill, why would you get paid? It is like expecting your auto insurance to pay out for a write off if you never had an accident.

Keep in mind the entire premium for those years is returned to you when the policy is over.

sirex is correct there is always fine print but the most important thing no matter what type of policy you buy is HONESTY, insurance companies look for lies to avoid payouts, it is a very serious matter. If you are honest and that honesty costs you a few extra bucks while you are young, so what, with CI it is returned in full any ways etc.

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