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Originally Posted by Igorek View Post
Don't need to apologize for answering so late cz when I was txting your phone you ignored
Me and did not reply until I posted it took me a Lil while to fix my other things in the car like air leaks and etc... and when everything was complete. I had check engine coming back on and on saying too lean. And I checked how ur MAF is running and it showed 8.5-9.0. Then I put a diffent one that was running proper at 12.0 so then I toted ur phone saying buddy the MAF is broken that you sold to me. I don't really care about it its just not right doing what you did. So don't be acting like a Lil smart ass being so polite.
If you wanna make things right give me back my money and ill give you back the MAF that's all.
Hi Igorek

I understand your frustration. I don't think I did anything wrong, it was verified all along like I stated. I am just confused on why it is not working for you and was working fine for me. I had no clue about your text messages for I am currently away on vacation. This notifies my email so that's the only source of communication to this forum. This is the way I talk and its unfortunate that you have to communicate to me in such a rude manner. I will be back late this summer, PM me your paypal info and I will paypal you a partial refund and you can keep the MAF. That is all.

Have a great day.
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