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Originally Posted by Igorek View Post
Your MAF is garbage that you sold to me and not answering the phone now...
You can put that pretty box up ur as little ****er.
Please don't buy anything from this guy thx.
Hi Igorek

I apologize for getting back to you so late and to hear about your struggle with the MAF. I sold this to you last month and you said you would install it the day off purchase, so therefore you have been using it for the past month already. Before I even consider selling the MAF, RMP has verified that the MAF is good for sale. It would have went straight to the bin if it was a dead MAF. So coming back to me after a month and letting me know that its garbage is questionable.

Calling me names and cursing at me really questions me about you. Clearly, you refuse to deal with this in a more mature manner. I have sold things here before and here is my proof.

Have a great day.

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