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Thanks dude! It's getting harder and harder to find the right shell but keep looking it'll come! It's gotta be one of the most rewarding cars to own and drive...

Haven't updated in a while:
Seats are back in with Massive brackets
Wire tuck is done and wrapped
Body panels are mostly back on
Suspension is together

She runs well, just stalls a bit on cold idle after boggling. I cleaned the ICV and seemed to help a lot, but it still tries for the first 10 seconds :S
Going to wire up an Engine Light soon and see if there's anything more going on.

Drives great so far (the extra two gears especially : p), just taking it easy on the new clutch right now. Also trying to get two broken bolts extracted from the hood which is quite the pain in the ass.

Hoping to make it out to the spring cruise

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