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I talked to a machinist today.

I talked to one of the suppliers I deal with (he has a machine shop) and he said he can make it either from Al or plastic. Labour + part <$200 (for Al or plastic) and that’s a lot of money for me since I don’t drink coffee and drive. But I am more interested in making it for storage.

Al can be anodized because Al is soft comparing to Steel and porous, but that will add $100 on top of the price. But if I don’t anodize it and coffee spills on it, the coffee will be “absorbed” into the Al. But of course, I can always plasti dip the block instead of spending $100 on anodizing it! (I can have it black anodized.)

The plastic needs to have a softer finish to the top portion because when plastic is machines, tool marks will be visible so if I paint it the paint might not be smooth. This will add about $20 extra on the price. But I checked the tooling marks and they are soft enough that plasti dip can take care of it without having to have a softer finish.

If I order 10pcs or more then the price will be closer to $150/pc rather than $200/pc, but why do I need 10pcs! So in summary:


Al ~ $200; Al + anodized ~$300
Plastic ~$ 200; Plastic ~ $220


Al ~ $150; Al + anodized ~$250
Plastic ~$ 150; Plastic ~ $170

Anyway, I still have to remove that whole centre console to see how much space I really have. Thanks for the helps guys!
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