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Hi guys,

So the past week, I've noticed that when my car is idled for a while (drive thrus have since been my enemy ) I notice that a cloud of smoke (looks white to me. I don't think I see any blue in it) has been coming out of the exhaust pipe. Driving out, it lets out one more cloud, and then that's it. Nothing when I'm sitting at a traffic light, etc. As for smell, I don't smell anything "sweet", more like the smell most engines give off when you shut off the engine. I looked everywhere online, and those that experienced this problem said it can be valve stem seals, or a head gasket. I don't get any indicator lights going off, oil level is ok.

So along with searching online, unfortunately they said that these types of jobs are REALLY pricey, more because of how labour intensive it is. These were all from US websites, so I was wondering how much a job like this costs in Canada (i'm in the GTA). there anything else that can cause this?

Hope you guys can help. This was my father's car, and he passed last year, and I'd really like to keep it as long as I can.

It's a 2006 750Li (I know there have been alot of problems with this car, but this is the first problem I've heard with this car.)

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