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Exterior door latch not working? heres a tip for 99 and 00 e46s

Well finally I finished final exams and after all the partying and relaxing I thought today I started with something small, my exterior door latches began to act up. I had to yank the crap out of them in order to open the doors. So I began looking up DIY's and ran into a problem none of the door latch mechanism's looked the same. So I decided just to exam the situation and see what I could do. I realized, that the year 99 and 00 model e46s came with the better styled latch mechanism because it was all metal. After making sure nothing was broken or loose I went back to the little adjustment screw on the door. I skipped the screw because it was already tight but after when I couldn't find the problem, I just unscrewed it and re-tightened the adjustment screw and it worked. So anyone with 99 and 00 e46s, just to keep in mind if you have the same issue as me, if the adjustment screw is already tight, loosen it up and tighten it again and it will work. In the next couple weeks I will be servicing my brakes, replacing my abs speed sensors, installing my coilovers, and get around to replacing my ccv. Really dislike doing the job cause its too small a spot to work in

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