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Jessey's e34 520i M60 Track Build

Hey guys! i have a couple parts car that i neeeeeeeeed to do something with i have my 94' 540i, and my 91' 520i. my plan is to use the m50b20 motor for a complete overhaul to install into my 90' Turbo 520i, the body of the 540 is to rough, holes in the body and trunk trunk lid, rockers and doors, while the 520i is in better condition with some rust on the fenders and a lil on the doors i could also repair the body of the 540 with the body of the 520i... not sure exactly wat i wanna do sooo please comment!



im going to swap the wide grill assembly from the 540 onto the 520, cuz the previous owner had to rear end someone



i dont know much about how to set up a car for the track but i know ill get some local help!!

Let me know what you think, im not totally set on doing the swap if i can repair the body of the 540 concidering its not gunna be a show car


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