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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
I have a torrent client running on winser2k8 which reads RSS feeds from various private sites. When a new release is uploaded to the site the RSS publishes the release to the feed and my client reads it.

I have filters set up (like, for instance) F1 R** 720P ******, breaking bad *** 720P **** which, if matched, will automatically queue the download

I run rarzombie on the computer which actively scans the download directory for new releases and unrars them.

the WD just goes over SMB and reads the unpacked MKV's.

very low-tech solution, but for me its perfect. I can sit down infront of the tv, navigate to what i want to watch, and press play.
That's awesome but why rar files .. The HDTV videos are already compressed and you could be missing seconds within the video when it switches frames .. Sometimes the videos are cut at the ends depending on how it was rar'd

Ever notice that? I have on some vids
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