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Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
if an insurance company decided not to pay your claim its either that you did not have coverage for said incident. Many cases of insurance fraud and they found out about it. Why in gods name will YOUR broker step in to pay a $700,000 claim when the insurance company is not covering you.
I never said they would pay it, I said they would make sure the insurance company paid it if they were liable.

Unfortunately this is not the only reason they don't pay claims. Not so much in auto insurance but disability insurance. The ins company is betting that they have more money than you to fight it in court. Brokers know the rules, and an ins company is less likely to try to take someone to court who knows the law.

Plus I needed to take my car out one day last fall after I took the liability off it. Called my broker, he put liability on it for 2 days, *on the weekend*. Not likely that will happen with some internet ins company.

Now I have to admit I have a great relationship with my broker, I've dealt with other brokers who would not have done that. But in life it pays to get to know certain people. Bank managers, and insurance brokers to name a few.
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