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Arrow Hellst XRT Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from a satisfied customer that has responded to a question about the Hellst XRT on another forum.


Anyone have experience with Hellst XRT H8 Angel Eyes??


Just wondering if any of you have experience with the Hellst XRT H8 Angel Eyes as opposed to LUX Angel Eyes? Opinions?

Thanks much!

Hello Cigarman!

I do have experience with both the LUX V3 and the Hellst XRT's.

I currently have LUX on my M3 and my wife's 335xi, and just installed the Hellst's on my '07 X5.

Side by side, the Hellst are a brighter bulb and this was confirmed by two other BMW owners when they stopped by to take a look at the X5. Unfortunately I don't have an SLR camera to take high quality pictures of the two different models side by side.

Given the price point of the Hellst vs. the LUX, and the 2 year warranty for the Hellst, for me it was a no brainer to have ordered the Hellst for the X5. Regrets? None at all.

I hope this helps you!


We will be taking photos of the LUX vs. Hellst XRT comparison on Mike's M3 Supercharger this weekend and will be posting the photos here.

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