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Originally Posted by SickFinga View Post
Thanks guys, Hypercoils and Swift Springs have comprehensive catalogs on their website, but they do not have what I'm looking for.

Here is my dilemma.

A 1972 Mercedes weighting 1705kg has stock springs rated at 335lb/in front and 350lb/in rear. This sounds extremely high for a stock spring on car that was designed to be as comfortable as it gets. For example, 850CSi weighting 1890kg has 160lb/ft springs in the front. Any idea why there is such a big difference in spring rates? Does suspension design matter in this case? A-arm on the Mercedes and McPherson on the E31?
I think the Merc ones are softer: 335lb/in as opposed to the 160lf/ft in the E31.

Inches and pounds--huge difference.
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