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Since this car is on the road to completion, it made sense that it would be time to look into licensing, so back in March, I decided to go ahead and look into racing schools so I'd be eligible to apply for a Regional license, and work up the ladder. At first I had applied with the CASC school, but literally a few days later, I learned that BMW Club's race school would now be a recognized school in the eyes of CASC, so I decided to jump ship and do that school instead. I think the in-class portion was a bit lacking in comparison to the CASC school... but then again, I knew all that stuff since I've been exposed to racing all my life, so it didn't bother me one bit. I was more concerned with seat time, and the actual experience of the on-track exercises since it was something I personally haven't had the chance to do yet. And the on-track exercises did not disappoint! I have to admit, dicing with one car that has similar speeds at a lapping day isn't the same experience as having a bunch of cars around you, some with insane speed differentials too!

So anyways, lately I haven't been spending enough time on the 2002 because I got a new car recently, and it was my noble steed for the weekend... and what better platform than one that I am very familiar with, so E30 it was! Over the past few weeks, with some basic mods and a bit of maintenance, it (to my surprise) somehow transformed into a pretty potent car. But I have to look at the real picture, and that means at my driving... and even I impressed myself with how well I adapted to driving in such close proximity to other cars. I think a few of the biggest points that became apparent/that I learned is how much trust is needed to go door handle to door handle with somebody... Another would be how much my concentration level mattered (being calm seemed to help me make split second decisions a lot easier instead of being jumpy and tense like at the starts), and also how much more vision is required when in an environment like this.

Anyways, enough rambling... enjoy the show!


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