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So this weekend was kindof productive.

Saturday afternoon I worked on finishing some of the final touches on the splitter/front bumper assembly, before it all gets painted, and then I finished painting my last 2 wheels - all 4 are the same colour now, for the first time since I've owned them

I also picked up a new battery - got an Odessey PC680 - weighs in at 12lbs mounted it in it's "new" location - decided to put it here because it's inside the cage - we'll see what's it like - i may move it again. Oh and I do know that I need to isolate it as well... TBC....

Sunday was fluids day: did an diff flush, tranny flush, coolant flush, and oil change. After that, installed the exhaust system and then tried to bleed the clutch.

Well I popped the slave cylinder pin out into the transmission bell housing (must have done something wrong) and now I have to pull the transmission back out. Awesome - just what I needed.

I figured well, let's start the car and at least make sure it runs. Good thing I did: it doesn't.

Well, it does, but really crappy - it's SUPER rich - to the point where it's stalling out almost.

My wideband it messed up I think - hopefully that's the issue, but we'll see... ugh friday is coming too soon...
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