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Originally Posted by DItalianJob View Post
Hi Rich...
what class were you going for?

Stock Class... basically you can only do shocks, one sway bar, OEM bushings, lighter rims that are the same size as OEM. R-comp tires are allowed.

Street Touring Classes... mainly lots of suspension mods allowed here. But body and engine basically remain stock... so cant take out the interior panels or seats. And pollution control along with OEM cat must be present. R-comp tires not allowed.

Street Prepared... is similar to ST class... but any size rim and R-comp tires are allowed... allows pollution control to be removed incl cats. Seats may be replaced but must have the same number of seats as OEM. also interior panels and dash must be retained. Airbags may be removed. No change to boost in boosted cars.

I was not building the car to fit a specific class, it's a track rat I've built to have fun with, the car only has strait pipe exhaust, a front sway bar from a convertible e30, solid motor and transmission mounts, and gutted interior

Plus it's a white car, so not sure if I'm being hit by my old black 325is e36 which had m3 suspension, cold air intake, aftermarket exhaust, poly suspension bushings, ssk, front and rear strut bars and some other things.
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