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Cliffs is as follows:

I assume the guy was booking down the street at 80+km/h, there was a left hand bend with a speed hump (different than a speed bump), car gets air/loose, back end kicks right, he over corrects and it sends him off into the house... somehow missing the massive rock on the front lawn.

He gets the bright idea to post a thread on R3V with a picture for lolz saying that he was drifting hit a speed bump and popped two tires which caused him to go off and hit this house.

The story doesn't add up and people start asking questions, so he takes the post down.

Then in classic internet fashion they CSI the shit out of the dude and his story. They find out who he is, and where the house is located.

Then they send the owners of the house a T-Shirt and Pizza...

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