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Originally Posted by captain E34 View Post
one issue i am having is fuel cutout at about 5500rpm, my a/f ratio drops to about 11.x to 1 while boosting at about 8 ish psi but when i hit 5500 it spikes to like 15 ish to 1
im hoping a tune and larger injectors as well as a 3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator will fix my problems
i am hoping a tune and larger injectors will fix this issue
If you're only around 8psi I doubt that you're maxing out the 42lb injectors. I haven't been following this build religiously... have you upgraded your fuel pump at all?

I'm running 42lb injectors on my turbo 327i off of the stock fuel pump with one of the ebay t04e turbos, which I know is smaller, but I'm running it up to 12-13psi without any fuelling issues.

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