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lol i realized after i put the car down on the ground that i didnt even take pics of the install .... my install is quite ghetto with the oil return, so until that issue is solved no photos




i took it out in the rain last night and wow what a difference.... i can spin first second and third but thats without lsd and i have 195's dry weather is fun as well, took some on/off ramps on the way back from co-op pretty quick and the acceleration is far better now, then with my old turbo

one issue i am having is fuel cutout at about 5500rpm, my a/f ratio drops to about 11.x to 1 while boosting at about 8 ish psi but when i hit 5500 it spikes to like 15 ish to 1
im hoping a tune and larger injectors as well as a 3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator will fix my problems
i am hoping a tune and larger injectors will fix this issue


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