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Need help! 09 335xi or 535xi

So my E46 just got sold and I managed to save a bit over the winter -- Im looking at buying a twin turbo if possible -- something under 27k.

Test drove an 09 335xi and she was smooth, real kick with the twin turbo...only concern was the mileage...122,000 km. The dealer also had a 09 535xi sitting on the lot for 25900, with 87,000kms...I happened to jump into that just to see how she drove and I was stunned - it was the first 5 series Ive ever driven but it handled as good as the 3 if not there was waaaay more power, not to mention the added goodies...i.e nav etc.

The 5 was about 5k more than the 3 had lower mileage...need to make a call by the weekend - so any suggestions?

Our family is pretty small...just the wife and me and our the 3 is big enough at least for now but the 5 definately looked real tempting!

Anyone with experience of both models...and also the twin turbos / maintainence?

I should add both cars have warranties but are not from BMW's cerified program...these will have the regular market warranties that are floating out there...
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