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Originally Posted by Kamanje14 View Post
Maybe the plates on the photos should have been blocked out...when posting others cars...maybe you got permission?
You're right I probably should've done that out of curtesy.

But since we're on the topic of covering up plates in pics, am I the only one who doesn't understand it?

If you drive your car then probably hundreds of people see your plate every day. They could easily follow you home or to work and see where your car spends most of its time parked. Now they not only have your plate but also where you live/work.

There is no address in the pic I took and GPS was turned off too so I don't think anyone could find the house based on that pic alone.

I do understand covering your plate if you are doing something illegal but then you probably shouldn't be taking pictures .

If any Mods see it differently they can delete this thread or the pic and I can upload one with covered plates

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