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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
To be honest, I wouldn't suggest a G1-classed driver join any of our cruises. The roads and driving conditions can be challenging even for track-experienced drivers and we'd hate your first cruise to be your last.

Of the small handful of incidents we've had (almost all single-vehicle driver errors - go figure) most were by very young drivers. Please don't risk your safety and that of others unless you're confident in your driving skills and know how to follow rules. In fact, if we feel any attendee's driving behaviour is detrimental to the group's enjoyment and safety they will be asked to take a different route home from ours.

Sorry Damon.
I know I'm new to maXbimmer but I'm going to ask that you trust me and allow me to attend.

I've been a member of NASIOC for years and I know that the effects of an inattentive or inexperienced driver on a cruise can be devastating. I've seen it happen before: This video was posted a few years ago on NASIOC after an accident occurred during a Subaru cruise.

Driving is my passion. I started out with model cars at a young age and in my teens advanced to a Fanatec racing simulation setup as well as 130+km/h RC cars. I started out with Forza and Gran Turismo on consoles but later fell in love with PC simulators like Live for Speed. Today, I take my car out with my mom 2-3 times a week just to drive. It's the thing that I enjoy the most. I hunt for the twisty roads in the outskirts of Sudbury and I know a few good ones by heart now. Old Wanup Road, Kantola Road and South Bay Road are my current favourites.

Not to try to sound overconfident, but I'd like to say that I'm a fairly good driver - a safe driver at the very least. I've been learning defensive driving techniques from my dad for years before I could drive. I'm not saying I'd be the fastest driver around a track (I know I certainly wouldn't be ) but I feel as though I am experienced enough to drive safely with a group of cars. My friends from all over the world and I in the simulator Live for Speed would go for cruises all the time. We treated it as if our cars were real and incidents rarely occurred. When they did, I learned from them.

I'm not one to try anything stupid. I worked for years to be able to purchase my own car at the age of 15. My car was and is 100% funded by me. Because of this, I have a great deal of respect for not only my car that I worked so hard to earn, but for the vehicles that others, too, worked to obtain. Unlike most guys my age, it seems, I understand that public roads - especially when with a group of cars - are not the place to show off. I just ask that you don't group me in with the rest of my generation.

I know my limits. If during the drive I feel that the roads/speeds exceed my limits, perhaps I'll pull over and let you guys by and trail a little bit behind. If even that exceeds my limits, as much as it would suck to do, I'd have to turn back and head home. If at any point any of you feel uncomfortable with the way I'm driving, by all means, pull me over and let me know. Take my keys and throw them in the lake if you must!

I'm just asking for a chance here.

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