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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post gotta be kidding me??

For the amount of time and effort in doing that? you'll have probably stripped and masked your car for paint. lol

There are different hardeners in the paint stick then professional applied paint. I've worked with touch up and found for some small things it's ok. but you gotta know what you're doing when you build up and sand down imperfections. if you feel like using your car as a learning tool -fine. But better off just giving to people who know what they're doing and pay the piper~~!
i have filled stone chips before so i am fairly confident i can do a good job on the stone chips. the scratches are the ones i need to be careful as they come in different shapes and sizes and i need to be very delicate

the way i did with the stone chips was to get a very fine brush and black paint ( my color code is 668 so it is the normal gloss black that you can find anywhere ) and carefully and gradually fill them up then polish the s*** out of the area and it worked amassing. now on the scratches i need to be extra careful and it will be really time consuming but i really think i can do it, if it will not be 100% it will be at leas greatly improved and not noticeable.
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