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12mm Shock mounts

This 12mm vs the widely universal 10mm difference for shock shafts (rear) has been created by aftermarket companies so you have to buy aftermarket parts. Makes sense to make more money. Or maybe genuine performance difference?

Well my car has 12mm Konis. Can't find a RSM for the life of me.
Koni is impossible to get a hold of.
BMW parts department is the same as partsource. "I input your model and got you 10mm RSMs" Well input a model that maybe has stock 12mm size shocks. "I have no idea". Try searching by size "impossible"

so no chance getting part number.
Pelicanparts, much of the same problem.

Looks like I am stuck with aftermarket high priced "performance?" RSMs from tunermotorsport, or rogueengineering ones...the only 2 I have found so far lol. Maybe I suck with internet.

Im pretty close to drilling out that 2mm difference.

Anyone have similar problem, any solutions?
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